Reports Feb. 18

Feb. 18—County Calls

The Limestone County Sheriff’s Office reported the following calls Thursday and Friday.

Feb. 15

Suspicious (person, item, vehicle)- 13000 block Shaw Road, 15000 block Zehner Road, 20000 block Huntsville Brownsferry Road, Morris Road/AL Hwy 127, AL Hwy 99/Dupree Hollow Road, 1800 block Arrowhead Landing Road, 20000 block AL Hwy 127, 16000 block Shaw Road

Animal related/livestock- 10000 block Snake Road, Nick Davis Road/Forest Hill Drive, US Hwy 72/Reid Road, 24000 block Wooley Springs Road, 16000 block Glaze Road, Nick Davis Road/Mooresville Road, 9000 block Trails End Drive

Traffic accidents- 31000 block AL Hwy 99

Theft- 20000 block Upper Ft. Hampton Road

Warrant- 100 block Humphrey Drive, New Market, 200 block Washington Street, Athens, 500 block South Clinton Street

Disturbance- 14000 block Chris Way, 10000 block US Hwy 31

Reckless/drag racing- 27000 block McLemore Circle, Harvest

Fire (vehicle or structure)- US Hwy 31/Elm Street,

Harassment- 2500 block Towe Road, Madison, 16000 block Blackburn Road,

SORNA compliance check- 16000 block Zehner Road, 7100 block Snake Road

Burglary- 15000 block Brownsferry Road

Feb. 16

Suspicious (person, item, vehicle)- 25000 block AL Hwy 251, I-65 North, Huntsville Brownsferry/Lucas Ferry Road, Huntsville Brownsferry/Joe Bob Lane, 23000 block US Hwy 72 E, 25000 block Stinnett Hollow, AL Hwy 99/ Lester Road, 23000 block Elkton Road, 19000 block Olivia Lane, 19000 block Moyers Road, 25000 block AL hwy 251, 28000 block Pepper Road, US Hwy 72/Lakeview Street, Dairy Road, 27000 block McLemore Circle, 16000 block Ezell Road

Animal related/livestock- 19000 block Upper Ft. Hampton Road, 23000 block Pepper Farm Lane, 22000 block Flanagan Road, 25000 block Esten Lane, 19000 block Edgewood Drive, 9100 block Trails End Drive, 13000 block Elk River Mills Road, AL Hwy 127/Alsup Road, 13000 block Dickens Lane, 21000 block Oakland Meadows

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Traffic accident- 100 block Elm Street

Theft- 26000 block AL Hwy 127, 26000 block Woodfield Drive, 26000 block Camden Court, 25000 block Stinnett Hollow Road, 3700 block Snake Road

Alarm- 9800 block Lucas Ferry Road

Warrant- 5000 block US Hwy 72, 8800 block US Hwy 72, 26000 block US Hwy 72, 10000 block US Hwy 31, 3900 block Ingleside Street, 8800 block US Hwy 72

Disturbance- 18000 block AL Hwy 99 (two calls)

Reckless/drag racing- Capshaw Road/Ashley Lane

SORNA compliance check- 26000 block Lambert Road

Missing person- 11000 block Neely Road, 25000 block Iron gate Drive

Unwanted guest- 16000 block Shaw Road

County Arrests

Limestone County Sheriff’s Office reported arrests on the following charges Thursday and Friday.

—negotiating worthless negotiable instrument

—third-degree domestic violence-harassment

—probation violation warrant

—chemical endangerment

—first-degree financial exploitation of the elderly

—four counts unlawful breaking and entering vehicle, two counts first-degree theft- auto theft, three counts second-degree theft- $1,500 to $2,500, first-degree theft- miscellaneous theft- $2,500 or more, illegal possession of debit/credit card, first-degree criminal mischief, second-degree possession of marijuana, first-degree possession of drug paraphernalia

—third-degree domestic violence-harassing

—third-degree assault- simple assault

County Thefts

Limestone County Sheriff’s Office reported the following thefts Thursday and Friday.

—Elkmont- US currency, battery, black cell phone, Feb. 16, $10,100, 26000 block Hwy 127

—Athens- duct work, heat strips HVAC, Feb. 16, $2,200, 26000 block Woodfield Drive

—Athens- Brinks debit card, US currency, Jan. 14- Feb. 16, $1,837, 25000 block Stinnett Hollow Road

—Athens- temp car tag, Feb. 16, unknown value, 26000 block Camden Court

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—Athens- 1998 black Bayliner boat, black Bayliner trailer, Dec. 28, 2022- Feb. 16, $10,000, 3700 block Snake Road

City Arrests

The Athens Police Department reported arrests on the following charges Thursday and Friday.

—third-degree domestic violence

—unlawful possession of controlled substances

—fourth-degree theft of property, failure to appear- public intoxication

City Reports

The Athens Police Department reported the following thefts and incidents Thursday and Friday.

—third-degree criminal trespass, Feb. 15, 600 block South Jefferson Street

—Athens- orange canoe, Feb. 15, $500, 200 block South Lindsay lane

—harassment- Feb. 15, 100 block East Sanderfer Road

—Athens- merchandise, Feb. 16, $25.97, 2300 block South Lindsay Lane

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