Hungry Erling Haaland Targets More Records for Manchester City – More Goals

Hungry Erling Haaland Targets More

Erling Haaland, the 22-year-old Norwegian striker for Manchester City, has been making headlines for his impressive goal-scoring record. He is now on track to break several records in the Premier League and beyond. This article will detail Haaland’s incredible goal-scoring ability and what records he might break in the coming weeks and years.

Haaland’s Record-Breaking Season

Haaland’s debut season for Manchester City has been nothing short of remarkable. He has already broken the record for the most goals scored by a Premier League player in a single season in all competitions since the league’s rebranding in 1992. With 45 goals so far, he has surpassed Ruud van Nistelrooy’s and Mohamed Salah’s previous records of 44 goals in 52 games.
Haaland has also set his sights on breaking the single-season record for the Premier League era, which currently stands at 34 goals set by Andrew Cole and Alan Shearer in the days of 42 games per side. Haaland’s efficiency in front of the goal suggests that this record will soon be his, as he has played just 39 games so far this season.

The Potential Records Yet to Be Broken

While Haaland’s current record-breaking season has been impressive, there are still other records he might break in the coming weeks and years. Dixie Dean’s all-time English record of 63 goals set in the 1927/28 season looks within reach, but his mark of 60 in the top flight in that campaign will surely remain intact, with Haaland currently on 30.
Haaland’s goal-scoring form has also been impressive in the Champions League. He has scored 11 goals in the current campaign, and the fear for his opponents is that he will set his sights on the record of 17 goals in a single season set by Cristiano Ronaldo for Real Madrid in 2013/14.
The potential for Haaland to break Lionel Messi’s record of 73 goals in all competitions for Barcelona in 2011/12 is also worth considering. Haaland’s efficiency in front of goal, coupled with Manchester City’s dominance in various competitions, makes this record a possibility in the coming years.

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The Potency of Haaland’s Goal-Scoring

Haaland’s statistics for Manchester City show his potent all-around threat, with 28 goals with his favoured left foot, 10 with his right, and seven with his head. He has scored 40 of his 45 goals with his first touch, which underlines his potency in and around the penalty box. Only one of his goals in all competitions has been scored from outside the area.
Former Bayern and Germany striker Mario Gomez called Haaland “a monster” and “a beast.” Owen Hargreaves, a former England midfielder who played for Bayern and City, said, “He is the most efficient striker I have ever seen. His goal-scoring is out of this world.”

Hungry Erling Haaland Targets More

Haaland’s goal-scoring ability has been nothing short of remarkable in his debut season for Manchester City. He has already broken several records and looks set to break more in the coming weeks and years. His potency in front of goal, coupled with his all-around threat, makes him a formidable player for any team to face. The fear for his opponents is that there seems to be no limit to what he can achieve.

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